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Magento and Ecommerce in Kuwait   I am not a hater. And neither am I a WooCommerce or a Prestashop evangelist. That being said, I feel a lot of clients in Kuwait are getting obsessed over Magento as an ecommerce platform. From claims that it’s the best to “only professional companies” deploy Magento (ridiculous, I[…]

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email marketing in Kuwait

 Does email marketing even work? Should you invest in it? What is the status of Email Marketing in Kuwait? Those are 3 questions. Lets break them apart and answer them like one at a time (like of the brothers used to say!)   1). Does email marketing even work? Abso-damn-lutley! Done right, will give you the[…]

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digital marketing kuwait

Home of Digital Marketing in Kuwait. Its been more than 16 years that I’ve been involved in digital marketing. And boy have they been interesting. When you do anything for more than 5 years, you kinda become good at it. And I love marketing. Absolutely. I love helping people make better decisions about their businesses.[…]

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