Client: Kuwait Top List

Date:28 June, 2016

Link: www.kuwait-toplist.com

Type:Redesign, Branding, Website

Kuwait Top List is a 20+ year publication that defines the major corporations of Kuwait. The directory needed help to re-brand its sales approach and the brothers were called in.

The Brothers 7 sought out the most effective strategy to rebrand a 20 year old publication in a ubiquitous digital world.

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The Challenge

In a world where everything has gone digital, Kuwait Top List needed to play catchup. A unique publication with a 20 year legacy, the book had an active clientele in advertising but needed to strengthen its digital presence.

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The Process

The website was updated, and the publication invested heavily in a digital marketing outreach to showcase its rich clientele and the variou s industries it covered..

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The Solution

Simple. The company adopted 3 digital marketing platforms to keep its customers and audience updated on a regular basis. With email marketing and GDN, Kuwait Top List made raves within a few months of its new strategy.